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Kate Tempest - People's Faces

It's coming to pass My countries coming apart The whole thing's becoming Such a bumbling farce Was that a pivotal historical moment We just went stumbling past? Here we are Dancing in the rumbling dark So come a little closer Give me something to grasp Give me your beautiful, crumbling heart Another disaster Catharsis Another half-discarded mirage Another mask slips I face off with the physical My head's ringing from the love of the stars There is too much pretence here And too much depends on the fragile wages And extortionate rents here We're working every dread day that is given us Feeling like the person people meet Really isn't us Like we're going to buckle underneath the trouble Like any minute now The struggle's going to finish us And then we smile at all our friends It's hard We got our heads down and our hackles up Our back's against the wall I can feel you aching None of this was written in stone There is nothing we're forbidden to know

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